Trophy Deer

A Privilege to Witness

By Rachel Moore

Photos by Michael Creger, Jr. and Rachel Moore

Imagine driving down a snow-covered road in southeastern Idaho when out of nowhere a big 4×4 buck steps in front of the vehicle. You slam on the brakes and just stare at this amazing creature, which looks back at you for a brief moment before he continues to cross the road. That happened to us, and the encounter was an inspiration that set us on a new path.

As avid hunters we appreciate all animals, and such a sighting one day made us realize we wanted to capture these beautiful creatures on camera. The buck that had stepped in front of us was in a location frequented by what are technically known as trophy deer. It’s an unusual situation, because the land is public but part of it is occupied by a church, so in a sense it’s private. Very limited hunting is allowed: only five deer tags are released annually. When Michael and I got together about three years ago, we realized that this trophy zone was great news for us.

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Rachel Moore

About Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore met her partner, Michael Creger, Jr., through his sister Montana, who has been Rachel’s dear friend for years. Rachel and Michael have many things in common, most of them concerning the outdoors and wildlife. When the two aren’t exploring and taking pictures of deer, they’re fishing for sturgeon or spending time with family. Together they create memories in southeastern Idaho with her two boys, Noah and Hudson.

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