Two Hundred Dollar Pancake

Story and Photos by Mike Kincaid

The aviation phrase, “hundred dollar hamburger,” was common in the good ol’ days —prior to the 2008 election— back when both gas and hamburgers were cheaper.

It referred to jumping in an airplane and flying to another airfield for lunch, which even then was a big price to pay for a gut bomb that usually began its slow detonation on the flight home. But now that gas prices have doubled, it seems crazy to fly cross-country just for lunch. So, how about breakfast instead?

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Mike Kincaid

About Mike Kincaid

Mike Kincaid survived twenty-five years flying airplanes, mushing dogs, and trying to keep warm in Alaska before moving to Coeur d’ Alene in 1996 with his wife Jill. Retired from the Alaska State Troopers, Mike now teaches pilots from around the world to fly seaplanes and writes newspaper and magazine articles, mostly about flying and outdoor adventures. He is the author of the novel Alaska Justice. His website is

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