Secret Town

It Shall Remain Unnamed

Story and Photos by Evan Jones

On a beautiful fall day in north-central Idaho in 2016, when the sun had come out after many days of rain, I drove into the forest to see what I could discover. At first, the little trail I was on seemed like a road but it narrowed into a steep and winding, mushy mess with nowhere to turn around. It was overgrown and a little scary. My big red pickup, which took up the whole trail and then some, was scraped down its sides by bushes.

This might have deterred some people from continuing but anyone who has explored with me can tell you I will keep going. Besides, I couldn’t turn around. Only one direction remained: up the side of the mountain and around the next corner to see what I might find. I came to a tree lying across the road but there was no way I was going to drive backwards down that path. I got out and pulled the tree to the side with my bare hands. Well, mostly—I ran over some of it.

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Evan Jones

About Evan Jones

Evan Jones and his wife Holly have five children and own the Subway Restaurant in Grangeville. Evan, who has studied photography for many years, has a special fondness for ghost towns, old buildings, and vintage vehicles. To see more of his images and stories, visit his blog at

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