Minidoka Memories

Looking Back at the Infamous Camp

By Amy Larson

Teresa Tamura grew up in Nampa, but before she began work on MINIDOKA: An American Concentration Camp (Caxton Press, 2013), she hadn’t seen the site, just hours from her home.

“In Memory of Minidoka,” an article in the Seattle Times, sparked a journey of discovery for her regarding the impact of Executive Order 9066 issued on February 19, 1942, following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The order authorized the removal of 120,000 West Coast Japanese-Americans, justified as a “military necessity.” A random, unexplainable “jagged line” drawn through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and engulfing Alaska took some and left others, the largest forced relocation in United States history.

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Amy Story Larson

About Amy Story Larson

Amy Story Larson is a chocoholic, artist, and writer with an unbreakable habit of exploring Idaho places, food, and fun. She shares her curious and often humorous findings with other adventure-seekers within her book, Appetite for Idaho, and Facebook page of the same name. You can follow Amy’s artwork and adventuring on Instagram under @AmyStoryLarson.