The Unburied

A Dubious Treasure

By D.B. Tompsett

The other day a guy name Dave stopped by our place in Kimberly with a real fancy metal detector. He said he had noticed that our place was probably at least a hundred years old and had a good chunk of property with it, so he wondered if I would mind him looking around. I said it was okay with me, but I wanted to accompany him on his search and we should split anything that might be of value. He agreed, so off we went into the pasture. 

We started the search at the northeast corner and slowly walked a straight line as Dave waved his detector back and forth, keeping it close to the ground. The gadget had blinking lights and made beeps and other sounds. It was high-tech, as they say. Dave had just gotten the thing and was still learning how to use it. He kept making adjustments, turning knobs and so forth. 

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