Tumbleweed Tinder

On the Wisdom of Going Around

Story and Photos by Dean Worbois

As a male, my first inclination was to bust right through that quarter mile of brittle little twigs and emerge triumphant on the other end, beating my chest at the might of my hundred-and-seventy horses.

But I thought of all those broken bits of tumbleweed sticking in every bearing of the drive train and every joint of the suspension, and decided to go around.

Going around was not as easy as you’d think.

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Dean Worbois

About Dean Worbois

Dean Worbois spent ten years pursuing an acting career and hitchhiking around the country during the 1960s before earning a degree from Boise State University. He taught stained glass at Boise State, wrote several books and pamphlets on historical subjects, and has contributed to IDAHO magazine over the years. He produced a weekly half-hour television show on Boise’s public access channel, TVCTV, and has a blog of stories from his life at deansgreatwahoo.com.

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