Who Were You, Mary Pride?

Tracking Down Kuna’s First Mayor

By Linda C. Brown

Have you come across any of these names in your research?” I was asked in an email one gray day in November 2008. It was the end of the centennial year of our Ustick Baptist Church in Boise, and the secretary had forwarded an email from a man in Denmark named Niels Otto Holm, who was seeking information on his long lost great-aunt’s family.

By then, I’d spent more than a year on the history committee and was winding down my obligations, but the email was intriguing. It started me on another year’s worth of investigations to help this family in Denmark find what they were seeking.

Niels’ father had an aunt named Margaret who emigrated from Denmark to the USA in 1885 and married George Myers in 1888. Niels, who was anxious to help his elderly father find out what had become of his aunt and her descendants, had noticed that one of George and Margaret’s daughters, Mary, married a man named Porter S. Pride in our church in 1917.

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Linda C. Brown

About Linda C. Brown

Linda C. Brown has lived in Idaho for thirty-two years and loves it. A volunteer at the Idaho History Museum for the past twelve years, she has taught thirty-minute educational segments to school children and has served as a regional or state judge in all categories for the annual History Day contests.

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