Zip Lining Idaho

Geo-Tourism in the Sky

By Mary Syrett

I stand on a platform with my back to the Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls. Suited up in a body harness, helmet, and gloves, I’m clipped to a safety cable.

The words of the guide at this moment will forever ring in my head: “Put your hands on the knobs, step to the end of the platform and, when you’re ready . . .” Easing off, I sail along the steel cable through a cluster of treetops and watch as the ground gives way beneath me.

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About Mary Syrett

Mary Syrett has been a freelance writer for more than thirty years. She has written about hot-air ballooning, camellias, muskellunge, snowboarding, and Louisiana history, to name a few subjects. She currently resides in North Carolina, where her spouse is a visiting professor.

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