Fiction Writing Winners


The Resting Place, by Eric E. Wallace, 2024 First Place

Cave Spirit, by Bruce Bash, 2024 Second Place (Tie)

The Neatest Play I Ever Saw, by Les Tanner, 2024 Second Place (Tie)

His Song, by Les Tanner, 2024 Fourth Place

Miss Home Canning of 1942, by Mark Ready, 2024 Honorable Mention

The Dozing Beets, by Dorita Hoff and Ray Brooks, 2024 Honorable Mention

Are Cell Phones Worth It?, by Les Tanner, 2024 Judge’s Choice


Oma’s Choice, by Connie J. Thompson, 2023 First Place

The Roundup, by Nancy K. Camp, 2023 Third Place


The Mill Ditch, by Les Tanner, 2022 First Place


Sunday Driver, by Amy McClellan, 2021 First Place and Publisher’s Choice

Roundabout, by Eric E. Wallace, 2001 Second Place and Judge’s Choice

Shiny Spotted Stone, by Bruce Bash, 2021 Third Place

Nature Always Wins, by Jana Kemp, 2021 Two Judges’ Choices


The Letter, by Les Tanner, 2020 First Place Adult Division

One More Day, by Rebecca Crouse, 2020 Second Place Adult Division

Jukebox Man, by Eric E. Wallace, 2020 Third Place Adult Division

Mos, by Valla Shalz, 2020 Publisher’s Choice Adult Division

Home Away From Home, by Barry Coleman, First Place Youth Division

Begin Again, by Ella Terry, Second Place Youth Division

Lost in the Woods, by Mollie Price, Third Place Youth Division

A Not So Go-Getter, by Jenica Rosenau, 2020 Honorable Mention Youth Division


The Old Man and the Mountain, by Valla Kaye Shalz, 2019 First Place Adult Division

A Time for Music, by Gloria Jean Thomas, 2019 Third Place Adult Division

Beelzebug, by Khaliela Wright, 2019 Third Place Winners’ Circle

The Promise of a Star, by Shannon Paterson Reagan, 2019 Honorable Mention Adult Division

The Big Jump, by Elaina Hoffman, 2019 First Place Youth Division

Lost on a Mountain, by Benjamin Callister, 2019 Second Place Youth Division


Lanolin, by Eric E. Wallace, 2018 First Place Winners’ Circle

Following Idaho, by Rebecca Crouse, 2018 First Place Adult Division

Little Star, by Alana Harrison. 2018 Second Place Adult Division

The Big Game, by Les Tanner, 2018 Second Place Tie Winners’ Circle

The Photograph, by Les Tanner, 2018 Honorable Mention Winners’ Circle

High Country Deal, by Wanda Sorensen, 2018 Third Place Adult Division and Publisher’s Choice

A Big Snow Year, by Rex Adams, 2018 Honorable Mention Adult Division

The Zucchini Bandits, by Khaliela Wright, 2018 Judge’s Choice


Colors of a River, by Terri Picone, 2017 First Place Winners’ Circle

Exit Zero, by Eric E. Wallace, 2017 First Place Adult Division and Publisher’s Choice

Story Telling, by Alahna Harrison, 2017 First Place Youth Division

Claiming Grandma, by Margaret Koger, 2017 Judge’s Choice


The Perfect Fly, by Les Tanner, 2016 First Place Winners’ Circle

River Train, by Terri Picone, 2016 First Place Adult Division

The Miracle Cave, by Travis Lay, 2016 Second Place Adult Division

Wild at Heart, by Khaliela S. Wright, 2016 Judge’s Choice

The Lucky Peak Sea Monster, by Pete McQuade, 2016 Judge’s Choice


Hermit, by Bruce Bash, 2015 First Place Winners’ Circle

Christmas in Central Cove, by Margaret Koger, 2015 First Place Adult Division

The Lost Soldier, by Alahna Harrison, 2015 First Place Youth Division

Secrets of Silverdale, by Gina Hill, 2015 Judge’s Choice


The Christmas Frog, by Les Tanner, 2014 First Place Winner’s Circle

Son, by Dan Strawn, 2014 First Place Adult Division

Tadpoles at Hazard Lake, by Michael Brooke, 2014 First Place Youth Division


The Sisters, by Les Tanner, 2013 First Place Winner’s Circle

Cell Block, by Eric E. Wallace, 2013 First Place Adult Division

Caught in the Spirit, by Bruce Bash, 2013 Second Place Winner’s Circle


The Fisherman, by Les Tanner, 2012 First Place Winner’s Circle

As Clean As Soap and Water, by Sherri George, 2012 First Place Adult Division

Purple Hearts, by Daniel Claar, 2012 Second Place Adult Division


Casey, by Les Tanner, 2011 First Place Winner’s Circle

Here and After, by Jean Nutile, 2011 First Place Adult Division (tie)

Redemption, by Wesley Engel, 2011 First Place Adult Division (tie)

Diary of an Average Thinker, by Aurora Cossairt, 2011 First Place Youth Division


The Real Story, by Les Tanner, First Place Winner’s Circle

Julia Child and the Best of Birthdays, by Gemma Giovanna Clark, 2010 First Place Youth Division

The Proper Filter, by Daniel Claar, 2010 Publisher’s Choice


Someplace Safe, by Bruce Bash, 2009 First Place Winner’s Circle

The Color of Love, by Dianne S. Anderson, 2009 First Place Adult Division

Thomas Mitchell’s Apprentice, by Todd M. Hubbard, 2009 Second Place Adult Division

The Blue Roan, by Caitlin R. Halone, First Place Youth Division

Hell in Idaho, by Bob Bailey, Judge’s Choice


Blaine Manor, by Ciara Huntington, 2008 First Place Winner’s Circle

Wagon Fire, by Bruce Bash, 2008 First Place Adult Division

Dream Catcher, by Caitlin R. Halone, First Place Senior Youth

Kaylee’s Project, by Aurora Cossairt, 2008 First Place Junior Youth


Bitterroot Initiation, by Amy McClellan, 2007 First Place Adult Division

Sagebrush Schoolhouse, by Erin Fanning, 2007 Second Place Adult Division

Emma, by Les Tanner, 2007 Publisher’s Choice

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