October 2001–Volume 1, Number 1


Twin Falls

Compiled by IM Staff

The Hub of the Magic Valley is spreading its arms. Spurred on by the dairy industry the city of Twin Falls is welcoming new industry and dressing up the old warehouse district.

Gridiron Friends and Foes

By Bob Evancho

As teammates at U of I, Walker and Kramer were pals. As opponents in the NFL they were hardnosed rivals. Today, they are golfing buddies and fast friends again.

My Idaho Papa

By Volney Fleischman

Volney Fleischman recounts his father’s exploits in early Idaho.



Ghost Towns: Salubria’s Loss is Cambridge’s…Well It’s Cambridge, by Mary Ann Reuter

Horses: Turning Loose, by Dale Keys

Free Range Verse: Fall Gathering, by Rudy Gonzales

Dedication, by Kitty Delorey Fleischman

Rock & a Hard Place: Mount Borah, by Dave Fotsch; photos: Jay W. Krajic

Pronunciation Guide: Lapwai, assistance by Vera Sonneck

One Spud Short, compiled by IM Staff

Shave and a Haircut: The Graying of a Profession, by Dave Goins

Clean Plate Club: Grandpa’s BBQ, by Patricia Craner

Snap Shots: The Legend, by Millie Gilbert

Cemetery Sites: Morris Hill’s Famous People, by Jane Freund

Animal Kingdom: Cougar Country Comes Alive, by Natalie Bartley

Free Range Verse: Country Wedding, by Rudy Gonzales

 It’s Nothing Really: Idaho Trivia, by Junior Achievement of Idaho



Arco, Boise, Borah Peak, Cambridge, Gooding, Kamiah, Pocatello, Salubria, Sandpoint, Shoshone, Stanley, Twin Falls

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