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Mary Jane’s Farm

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Growing Organically and Cultivating Fame in Rural Moscow (Idaho, Of Course) By Carol Price Spurling Nestled at the base of Paradise Ridge, in the rolling Palouse hills eight miles south of Moscow, lies a small organic farm, a

Backcountry Winging It

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A Nerve-Wracking Flight in Central Idaho By Linda J. Henderson Photos by Bud Henderson “OK, now we’re going into aircraft carrier mode,” our pilot said. I peered through my Plexiglas window and saw nothing but forest and jagged

After-School Writing Clubs Proliferate in Boise

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By Heather Glass When I started a writing club at W.H.Taft Elementary School in Boise in 2001, the principal and I expected nine to ten students to attend.We were stunned when forty-three students piled into the classroom to

Dietrich Native Dan Costello

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Teaching, Gigging—Just Playing Music for the Love of It By Ryan Peck If you were to whistle him a melody, Dan Costello could instantly play the melody back for you on his guitar. But it’s not just his

Missouri Ridge

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Rocking R Memories By Marylyn Cork Spring has come to Missouri Ridge, that low rampart of humpbacked granite knobs running westerly down Dufort Road in North Idaho’s Bonner County. My father, who owned part of it, always called

The Covert Fraternity of Fanatical Fly-Fishermen

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Part One of a Two-Part Series: I Fish, Therefore I Fib Story and Photos by Shirley Lund A word of wisdom to would-be wives: be aware that your normal-looking significant other may have pledged his allegiance to a

Stanley–Spotlight City

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A View of the Sawtooth and White Clouds Mountains Defines This Central Idaho Village By Ryan Peck The view from Stanley is the type of image you find framed and prominently placed on the walls of offices all

The Plumb Simple Radish

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By William Studebaker My neighbor Tom told me, “It’ll be another couple weeks before we can start farming. We don’t even plant beans until late May or early June.” Well, I don’t farm, but I do raise a

Three Tips for Enjoying an Underrated Idaho Treasure

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Craters of the Moon Lessons Story and Photos by Dave Clark “It’s like black vomit from the bowels of the earth.” That was the graphic reaction of an emigrant in the 1860s when crossing the lava fields of

The Boyfriend Test

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First Place, Adult Division, 2005 Fiction Contest By Ciara R. Huntington There are few things more terrifying on this Earth than standing at the door to your girlfriend’s father’s house and mustering up the strength to knock. Especially